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We are all looking forward to the holidays, what do you have planned for two weeks away from school?  I have lots of books to read and my house really needs a lot of cleaning – I might do that or …. I might just laze around!  How about you?

What Are You Reading?

Great reading.png

The term is nearly finished.   My questions are: -


  • Which book did you enjoy reading the most this term and why?

  • Which book did you like the least and why?


We’ve been making bookmarks to sell at our St Patrick’s Day fair. Here they are all finished and ready to sell!

Leaders Around Us and in Our World.

This term we are learning about leaders.  We have named some leaders that we could think of and sorted them into groups. Each pair of students has grouped them according to their own ideas and just need to finish the question: What is a leader?

We have as a class started to explore two leaders – Malcom X and Mama Miti.

We have named some questions that we want to ask ourselves as we read about various leaders.  When we have finished we will be able to say what we think about leaders and leadership, and how these people make a difference in our world – both big and small.

What do you think of this quote? Do you agree or disagree and why?

Leadership quote

Attribution: George Couros Flickr CC


Welcome to New Teachers and Students

Welcome assembly

We welcomed new students and new teachers to the school today.  We began with a haka to welcome them and then we had some readings and prayers and sang Welcome to the Family.

For the first time ever we gave the new teachers lanterns, why do you think we did that?

Quality commenting

At the moment you are working on leaving quality comments. You have explored what these might look like and you looked at the slideshow and now you know what is expected.  You can visit the Quality Commenting page and remind yourself about what is expected.

You are to leave one quality comment on our class blog and one quality comment on a student blog or another class blog. Remember to paste that second comment into a google doc titled Quality commenting.

One class blog you could visit is the Learning Lizards in Australia.  Some of you might remember Miss Fraser from last year as we shared a monster activity with her last year’s class. This year she has a different age group.  See can you find out about who she is teaching this year.

One Million

This week in maths we have been thinking about one million.  What does one million look like?


We made a square metre and then a metre cube.  We looked at a one centimetre cube and worked out how many 1cm cubes it would take to make a 1m cube.

2014-02-10 09.31.45


Can you remember how we worked it out? Make a comment to let us know.

We also estimated how long one million seconds would take to pass.  Can you remember how we estimated to get some idea?

Can you use a calculator to work out exactly how long it would take one million seconds to pass?

What else can you tell us about one million?


Welcome 2014

Farewell 2013 Year 8 and Staff

Paintings by Class Artists

Apologies if your one is not here, I forgot to scan some of them.