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Magyk by Angie Sage



Magyk is the book we have just started to listen to.  It is the first in a series.  You can read about the whole series by clicking to this link  Septimus Heap Chronicles.   As you can see there are quite a few in this series.

While we are reading:

  • picture the story in your head
  • notice any questions you are asking yourself
  • predict what might happen next
  • notice the characters you like or dislike and why
  • what genre does this book belong to?

Welcome to Term Three

Welcome back, this is a new term and we have ten weeks in it.

photo (77)

We are starting off with the Life Education  Trust bus, we will have four sessions with Paula and it will be mainly about healthy eating, the various nutrients we need, why we need them and how we might achieve a balanced diet in our every day lives. As well later in the term we will be looking at other things that help keep us healthy – especially healthy relationships.

Some of the school are preparing for Artsplash and this will be on Monday afternoon.

We have ski camp for the Year 7 and 8 in Week 5, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Technology for Year 7 & 8 will be on Friday, except for camp week.

In religious education we will be learning about the sacraments.

In Maths we will be covering Fractions, Decimals and Percentages with some Algebra and Geometry.

We have some art – we will be painting self portraits and we also have the Abacus calendar to design and do.

Literacy will carry on as we have been doing, with everyone setting their own goals and working towards them.

The winter sports tournament will probably be on, although we have smaller numbers as the Year 6 will go with the Year 5′s.  That means the Year 7 & 8 will only make one or perhaps two teams – we will see.

It’s good to see everyone back and looking well.

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Treat people with respect.

Today we have discussed treating other students with respect.  It has come to my attention that some students are using racist comments and put down comments in the playground, library and various other parts of the school.  This is totally unacceptable.

Here is what you can do at the time.

If you are on the receiving end say:

That is a ( racist/ put down comment). Stop it”

If you over hear someone make a racist or put down comment say

   ” I heard that, that is a (racist/put down comment) Stop it.”   Also stand near/beside person who was put down.

Report to the teacher.

The teacher will write a letter to the offending student’s parents explaining the use of unacceptable language.  The exact words the student used will be written in the letter.

The student will write a letter of apology to the student, apologising for the exact words spoken.  They will also give 3 to 4 sincere statements about the good points of the student they offended.

The offending student will also be banned for some considerable time from the area where the offense took place.  A repeat of an offence will escalate to Principal level.


Racist comments and put down/foul language comments are offensive.  There are no excuses. Whinging will not help your case.


Miss T.



Library: Take Two

What are the changes?  Have the girls developed this video in any way?

First Draft of a Video.

A group of girls from the class are making a video about how to use the library during morning tea and lunch time.  The reason behind it is because a number of students have been misusing it.  So they want to get the message across about how to enjoy and use it properly.

  • How well so far have they got their message across so that students will use the library positively? How do you think their audience will react?
  • What about the presentation by the girls?  Acting? Demonstating? Speaking?
  • What do you think of the final editing?
  • What changes do they need to make before the final publishing of this video?

Term 2 2014

Term Two has already started.  It will be a busy term for us and a short term as we only have nine weeks in it, it ends on the 4th of July.  We are already in Week 2.


What’s up this term?

    • In Maths we are learning about multiplication and division strategies and problem solving.
    • Many of the students are starting up their own blogs to share some of their writing – that means learning about what is okay to publish and how to use pictures.
    • We have swimming lessons down at the Kapiti swimming pool – the new complex that opened in 2013. Some of us can swim but we will build on that, for some of us it means starting out at it.  It is important for every New Zealander to learn to swim.  Why?
    • Sam will continue to come for a P.E. class on a Wednesday and we will still have Jump Jam with her on a Friday.
    • We will also visit the Hongoeka Marae in Plimmerton.  You can view our video of this from last time.  Some of you were much younger then!

  • We will continue to visit the Kapiti Library every fortnight on a Wednesday. Lots of great books to read!
  • Year 8 will visit both Kapiti College and Paraparaumu College to have a look around to help them decide what college they will go to next year.
  • We will have a school Mass for the feast day of the Sacred Heart and this term we are learning about the Holy Spirit and how the Spirit was active in the Old Testament.
  • Of course we continue on with Daily Five in Literacy – who would dare to touch that – not me!
  • Our topic this term is a science once and we are exploring the fauna of New Zealand – both native and introduced.
  • We will continue to have French lessons with Madame Picot on a Wednesday.

So…. let’s get into it.

What new things will you learn this term?  Keep noticing as it happens.


Attribution: Splash  Found on flickrcc.net



We are all looking forward to the holidays, what do you have planned for two weeks away from school?  I have lots of books to read and my house really needs a lot of cleaning – I might do that or …. I might just laze around!  How about you?

What Are You Reading?

Great reading.png

The term is nearly finished.   My questions are: -


  • Which book did you enjoy reading the most this term and why?

  • Which book did you like the least and why?


We’ve been making bookmarks to sell at our St Patrick’s Day fair. Here they are all finished and ready to sell!

Leaders Around Us and in Our World.

This term we are learning about leaders.  We have named some leaders that we could think of and sorted them into groups. Each pair of students has grouped them according to their own ideas and just need to finish the question: What is a leader?

We have as a class started to explore two leaders – Malcom X and Mama Miti.

We have named some questions that we want to ask ourselves as we read about various leaders.  When we have finished we will be able to say what we think about leaders and leadership, and how these people make a difference in our world – both big and small.

What do you think of this quote? Do you agree or disagree and why?

Leadership quote

Attribution: George Couros Flickr CC