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End of the Year 2014

This year sees Miss T retiring.  The blog will still be here, but it will be closed for further posts.  We farewell the Year 8 students, we have appreciated their presence in our school. We wish them the very best as they go to college.  Kia kaha.

Next year Miss H has plans to have a class blog with all the remaining students linked to it. I wish you all well, I anticipate that 2015 will be a year you all enjoy.

Christmas is coming.

Ready to Party


Road Patrol













Road Patrol Safety Poster

Therese, Lauren and William putting the finishing touches to the 2014 banner, ready for the parade on Monday.


Choice, Conscience, Love

I would like you to watch this video again, and then write which words in the rap stand out to you and why.  Or something that happens in this video and how you feel.

Using photos correctly on your blog

We have been discussing how important it is to attribute photos correctly, and that we cannot just google any photo and use it. That photo belongs to someone, we must have their permission to use it.

1.  It is best to use our own photos or someone we know personally who we have asked and received the okay for.

2. Use Creative Commons to find a photo for our blog.

The easiest way to do this is add the Compfight plugin to your blog.

Go to Plugins on the left of your dashboard and click on All.

Compfight is at the top on the right and activate it.

Once it is activated there is a little camera to the right of Add Media and you can click on it and search for a photo you may use under creative commons and it includes the attribution.  I think this is the best way for you at the moment.

Green Tick

Photo Credit: o.tacke via Compfight cc

Read-a-thon 2014 Blast Off

Great reading.png

For the week going from 15th September to the 19th of September we have our Read-a-thon for after school reading.  This helps us raise money for our school library.  So get to it Room 8.  Gather up some sponsors and Read – Read – Read.

For any student in Room 8 who brings in their form to me by Monday I will sponsor them for 25 cents for every 5 minutes they read out of school.  The maximum I will sponsor will be 5 hours per student.  It is up to you how much I donate to the school library.  I am only doing this because it is my last year at the school and …..  I love books and reading and I want the same for you.

I am thinking of awarding a special book prize to the student who manages to gather up the best number of sponsors.

Also if you write a post about reading in general – why reading is great, what you like to read, when you read, one of the best books you ever read and why libraries are wonderful places and link it up below then you will go into the draw for a book choice of your own.  Link ups need to be done by the 22nd of September and it is only open for Room 8 students here at school.

Things to do:

  • Gather sponsors

  • Write a post to link to this one

  • Read – Read – Read

  • Gather your parents signatures as proof of your reading

  • Collect in the money and bring to the school office by the 24th of September.

Girl reading at the beach
Photo Credit: Pedro Ribeiro Simões via Compfight


Successful Snow Camp

20140821_223415a (1)

All the Year 7 & 8 are back at school now and have enjoyed a very successful snow camp.  Thanks to the teachers and parents who went with them.  We have been hit with a flu type bug, so it has been difficult to talk about it together.  On Monday we had ten away!

So tell us about the best part of the camp for you?  What did you achieve? How much perseverance did you need? What was the most embarrassing moment?  Or the most spectacular?

Attribution for photo: Sarah Bishop

Week Five – Exciting Times

This week the Year 7 & 8′s are very excited because on Wednesday they are off to the mountain for snow camp.  I hope there is plenty of snow for them and not any rain.  That means our class will be cut in half for the rest of the week.  I am sure the Year 6′s will be happy to have some time to themselves.

Last week we were all shocked and saddened by the fire on Sunday night that burnt down four classrooms and library at our neighbouring school.  The students have had no school all last week.  This week on Wednesday the classes affected will walk over to use some of our spaces here at St Patricks while their school works towards replacing the classrooms. No one knows how long that will be.  So in the meantime we will have three classes in the large space beside our classroom.  It was once used by some of our junior classes in open plan style.  I hope it will work out for them, and that we won’t disturb them.  We are very happy to help out.  You can read about the fire here and watch a short news clip.

Last week the students who go to Technology came back with their videos completed.  I like the one Harshil, William and Blaise made as it seems to be well organised and fits the criteria of an advertisement.  See what you think. Pop over to Harshil’s blog and you will be able to pick up the password to watch the videos the students made.

Welcome back this week to Emmaus school, I hope you have all found a comment from your blogging buddies.  What are you all going to be doing this week?

Blogging Buddies with Emmaus

St Pats                           Emmaus

Keane                                                             Brayden

Alyssa                                                             Ale

Blaise                                                              Hayden

Brianna                                                           Bailey

Brooke                                                            Gemma

Charissa                                                         Arabella

Clemie                                                            Jarred

Connor                                                            Cameron

Daniel                                                               Cody

Dayna                                                                Ocean

Dominic                                                         Lachlan

Evalina                                                             Harry

Harshil                                                              Nick

Hope                                                                  Riley

Katherine                                                            “

Jasmine                                                            Matthew

John Paul                                                        Cooper C

Joseph                                                               Jack O

Josephine                                                          Chloe

Josie                                                                    Grace

Josh                                                                    Cooper G

Lauren                                                                Hannah

Sara                                                                       Tye

Simon                                                                  Declan

Terennz                                                               Charlie

Therese                                                                Rachel

William                                                                Patrick

Charlise                                                                Dorian

Phyllis                                                                  Jack S

Ethan                                                                    Ethan