Challenge One 2010. Why Visit our Blog?

Challenge One.

Visit our blog and find out about us, our interests and pets and what we do, how our class works.

 You will hear about our experiences, our comments on books we’ve read, you’ll learn about our personal hobbies, and things that capture our interest.  From time to time you will learn about the Maths, Writing and Reading we are doing.  You will also see some of our artwork.

 As well we are going to be working with a school in Canada and our first shared topic together is photographing our road signs and making posts about what that says about our country.

 Some of our students in the class have their own blogs and you can find them on the blogroll.

 So come on in and visit us and enjoy what we are going to share this year.

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About mistea

I teach a Year 5 class in New Zealand. I have been teaching for many years and thoroughly enjoy the children. Just recently I have started this blogto share, with parents and children, what we have been doing and learning in our class. At this point it is a simple one, but as myself and my class learn more it will grow I hope.

2 thoughts on “Challenge One 2010. Why Visit our Blog?

  1. Welcome to the blogging challenge again. I think your posts about the road signs are going to be very interesting. You might be able to find other classes in other countries who could also take part in this activity.

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