Its a Small World Challenge.

Challenge 3

Somes Island is in the middle of Wellington Harbour. It’s a scientific reserve free of predators of  the birds and creatures living on the island. In the first world war it was home of prisoners of war (P.O.W) and an a.a gun.This island has many, about fifty trails and one leads to the old lighthouse.  (Connor)

The Beehive  is the popular name for the executive wing of the parliamentary complex, because of the buildings shape.  This is where the prime minister adn the cabinet ministers have offices and where the cabinet meets.      By Joseph.

Wellington Cable Car.  You can find this on Lampton Quay.  There are two, but they only use one track.  They operate by making the track divide into two in the middle.  The cable car is red.  You can find it by looking for the pole with a cable car on it.  At the top you can access the cable car shop and the beautiful Botanic Gardens.   (Antonio)

The Botanical Garden  was made in 1886. The Botanical Garden is a very nice place to walk and relax with the beautiful flowers. It is nice to have a picnic or walk your dog. You  then take a tour with the cable car. By Beatrice and Amelia.

Te Papa is in Wellington.  It is our national museum and you’ll find a lot about legends, history and animals.  You can also see a 3D movie on an octapus.  There is also a nice cafe to eat while watching the birds.  Many of the exhibits are interactive.  Its a great museum.  By Britney.

 Statue of Mary.  The statue of Mary is on the top of the hill beside our school.  People coming south down state highway 1 can see her as they come into the Kapiti Coast.  She is 14 metres high and she was made in 1957.  Her halo is made of metal and it lights up the night. Hanging from her arm is a rosary beads with a cross on it.  (Breellen).

Lindale is a great activity centre on the way into Paraparaumu.  It is just off state highway one.  Lindale is a great place to take the family to, because its got a farm adn you can feed animals, there is a huge playground and a bunch of shops.  Lindale would be a great place to visit.  (Daniel M)

Kapiti Island.  This island is just off our coast and it is a bird scantuary.  It takes about 25 minutes by boat to get there.  You need a special permit to go there and they only allow a certain number of people on there each day.  You can see native bush and you can do the climb to the top or walk about.  There are lots of native birds to see.  Its a beautiful place.

Southwards Car museum has hundreds of cars, all of them olden day! there are quite a few olden day airaplanes too. it is very big. I reckon the Car museum is cool and I don’t like cars  that much, so think how much somebody who does like cars would like it!                     By Monique

Nga Manu is a nature reserve that shows all our native Fauna and flora.( animals and plants )

They can show you areal live kiwi and tuatara. They even have over seven hundred plants. You can hold all sorts of stuff there, BBQ, Guided tours and even weddings!  That is why you should viset  Nga Manu.


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  1. Wow, you did an excellent job summarizing the attractions in and around Wellington. I did not know that you have cable cars – like in San Francisco! There is a fun cable car museum in San Francisco and here is the link to it

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