One Day in our Classroom.

Here is a short video of the 11th of October 2010 in our classroom.  It doesn’t show full coverage, I forgot to ensure that photos were being taken!  However it gives you a small idea of one day in our room.

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About mistea

I teach a Year 5 class in New Zealand. I have been teaching for many years and thoroughly enjoy the children. Just recently I have started this blogto share, with parents and children, what we have been doing and learning in our class. At this point it is a simple one, but as myself and my class learn more it will grow I hope.

10 thoughts on “One Day in our Classroom.

  1. Dear Miss T and class

    5 of my students and I watched your video after class and loved it to bits. We especially liked the bit when a student said “IT WAS AWESOME! ..and we learned a lot..”

    We also had fun playing with your cat while we waited for the video to buffer. :o)

    Miss T-S (in Cape Town,. South Africa)

  2. Loved the video! Enjoyed watching the students, their uniforms, the classroom, what you do all day! Being a teacher in Greek public school myself was so interesting to see your way! And way to go Simone for helping your teacher record! You did a great job on the video! Loved the music also 😉
    Hugs Vicky

  3. Dear Miss Tyler-Smith and students

    So glad you enjoyed our little video, yes buffering can be such a nuisance can’t it. It will be going well and then suddenly………………….!

    I appreciate your comment, comments always just give that added incentive to keep on exploring web tools.

    Thanks for dropping in! For those that haven’t seen Vicky’s blog she is an incredibly talented person and teacher. Her cardmaking website is at the end of the video.

    Miss T.

  4. I had a giggle when I read your post about the recording. I started watching with my sound up slightly and didn’t hear anything (maybe because my husband has the TV up too loud) so I turned the sound off thinking there was none. Now I will have to watch it again with the sound up.
    I noticed that your class has desks and chairs like our school, but our desk lids are blue.
    I have been inspired and will try something similar next week with my class.

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  6. Dear Antonio’s Mum
    Thank you for being interested and watching and commenting. It makes the effort doubly worth it.

    Dear Mrs C
    I had a smile too at what happened to you. For my blunder I wouldn’t mind but I had it operating fine, must have mindlessly changed holes and then wondered why it wasn’t recording. Thank goodness Simone stays on after school!

    Miss T
    Please let us know when you have done yours, would love to see it.

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