Great Posts from other Class Blogs.

This week I tried to do a little ‘touring’ around the challenge class blogs. My personal challenge was ten. I made it to nine! I would like to introduce you to some of them and encourage you to click on the links and visit and read the post that impressed me.

Firstly I want to remind you of  Mrs Yollis’ blog and the wonderful video and post they made about commenting on blogs. A fine example of high quality and inspiring work.

Mrs White has a marvellours video of her class exploring magnets.  Check it out.

We have all followed I am sure the miners and their rescue in Chile.  Mr Miller’s Class blog has a very detailed wordle and a link to an excellent infographic.  Take a look.

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I teach a Year 5 class in New Zealand. I have been teaching for many years and thoroughly enjoy the children. Just recently I have started this blogto share, with parents and children, what we have been doing and learning in our class. At this point it is a simple one, but as myself and my class learn more it will grow I hope.

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