Let Us Introduce You to Our School.

As part of the first student class challenge we have put an animoto video together to share our school with you.  Sahara, Emma, Connor, Raymond. Josh B, Charlotte, Esmay, Teegan, Miggie, Dino, Cameron, Ambros, Ken, Tamara, Jessica, Braydan, Siabhaon and Angus were the photographers.  Teegan put the video together for the class.

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About mistea

I teach a Year 5 class in New Zealand. I have been teaching for many years and thoroughly enjoy the children. Just recently I have started this blogto share, with parents and children, what we have been doing and learning in our class. At this point it is a simple one, but as myself and my class learn more it will grow I hope.

25 thoughts on “Let Us Introduce You to Our School.

  1. Brilliant. Once you have completed the final proof I will use this on the school’s front page to promote the school. Who needs advertising agencies.

  2. Thank you Miss T and Class!

    I enjoyed having a tour of your school especially the outside and playground. (Of course it is wonderful to have a glimpse of students participating in activities too.) I will share this Animoto with my students tomorrow morning so they can have some insight into your students’ school life.

    Ms Clayton

  3. Hey Miss T’s class!

    I have been looking at the Trackbacks for the first Challenge and came across your wonderful Animoto video. On Tuesday morning, I will show my students; they just love to see what other schools look like. Two things I immediately noticed that are different from our school here in Quebec, Canada are: 1) we don’t have uniforms (I love your sun hats!!!!) and 2) you don’t have cm and cm of white fluffy snow!!!

    I also noticed that we have used that same Animoto background recently to showcase our trip to a winter camp called Jouvence. Here is a link to the post Jouvence Rocked

    We also made a video to introduce our community and relate the theme FOOD to our exchange students from Asbestos, Canada. Here is a link to the post Asbestos here we come

    WE hope you have a chance to view them and leave a comment!

    Miss B

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  5. Hey Miss T’s class,

    I really enjoyed your video. I loved your soccer field and basketball court. Do some of you play soccer or basketball on a school team?
    I just have two more questions. What kind of sports to you do in gym? We’re working on badminton. Doyou like badminton!!

    Miss B’s Class

  6. Hi Miss T and students,

    I think your school is positively cool! I think the playground is amazing.I like the basketball court and soccer field.. Is it always hot there or do you get colder temperatures in winter?

    Did you know that your winters are our summers?

    Kaleb Grapes

  7. Hi Miss T’s class,

    I find it cool that you have a St. Patrick statue. What does the St .Patrick statue represent? Another thing that is so cool are your swings. Your swings look like the Tarzan swing at Jouvence, the the field trip my class went on. Do you guys like the swings? I wish we had those at our school.


  8. Hi Miss T and students!
    We saw your video. I liked it. I like your playground area. I wisht we had a playground as nice as yours. I also like the soccer field. It is so huge!

    How are your winters in New Zealand. Our winters are cold and we get a lot of snow. Last week we got 70 cm in our region. That is not a typo…I really mean 70!

    Jusin P-B

  9. Hi Miss T and students
    Well done on your Animoto! I really got a feel for what your school is like.
    I think the Spuds students will want to make one too. In fact we like lots of things on your blog – giving us some great ideas to brighten up our own.
    How did you learn to blog so well? How often do you work on your blog?
    Mrs. Bird

  10. Mrs Bird
    Thanks for calling in. I have been blogging with the class 2years. So this is our 3rd. It all builds as time goes by. Its hard to say how often we work on our class or student blogs. Sometimes once or twice a week, sometimes less. Our start of the school year has been so busy, so blogging is something I haven’t found as much time as I would like.
    Miss T

  11. Justin, Caleb, Michael, Bella
    Great questions I will get my class to answer them. Tomorrow is St Patirick’s Day so we won’t be working! But on Friday we will answer your questions.
    Miss T

  12. Hi Miss T’s classroom, your animoto was amazing. You have a lovely school.
    Have a look at our camp animoto on our class blog.
    What did you mean by your happy place? Is it your school or your that little area you showed us.

    From Jack, and Andrew

  13. I loved having a virtual tour of your school. I am going to show my students tomorrow and I think I might get them to take some photos so we can show a virtual tour of our school.

    Mrs Hazzledine

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  16. Hello Miss T’s Classroom,
    We stopped by to look at your classroom video. We like the set up of your school and playground. Your playground is awesome. You did a good job making this video. We are going to try it. Maybe you can see ours. http://blogs.csdvt.org/bonfiglik/

    Mrs. Bonfigli’s Third Grade Students

  17. Hello Miss T and Class,
    We are working on our school slide show today and it should be posted by Friday. We do hope you will stop by and let us know what you think of our school in Vermont, USA. We thought it was so interesting to see a school from somewhere else in the world.

  18. Dear Miss T’s class,
    On your blog I don’t see where you are from?My name is Mallory and I am from Olmsted Township, Ohio.I watched your video about your school.But I thought the video was really awesome because your class did a great job photographing.You can visit my classes blog which is, mrscampagna.edublogs.org.


    • Mallory
      We are from New Zealand. At present we are on holiday until the 15th of October, but when we come back I will get my class to drop by your blog. What grade are you?
      Miss T

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