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This week Miss W has started off a challenge that involves a meme.  This is an idea that travels around the world as far as I can understand. I had never heard of it before.  We have been tagged by Mrs Krebs and her class.  We have to write about one thing that makes us glow with pride. And then we have to tag others. I was going to wait to Friday, but I decided I would start it and then tag some of you in our class as well as other classes.

One Thing That Makes Me Glow With Pride!

One thing that makes me glow with pride is that over the last few years I have learned so much about blogging and all the skills that go with it.  I am proud of it because I have done it largely by myself.  I spent many hours reading and watching videos giving instructions.  I then shared my new skills with my class.  Now we have a class blog and almost every student in the class has a blog. I even have my own teacher blog.  I believe strongly that by blogging students will write more and develop writing skills. They will also have the opportunity to build up an audience.  People who read and respond to their ideas.  I see it as a start to opening ourselves up to the rest of the world.  In a small way our class becomes part of a world classroom.  It is exciting and very satisfying.

I could have ignored this whole area of learning.  I chose to follow it.  There is not always the time to learn all the new things I want to learn. I can’t always do what I want to do.  Earlier this year I did a teacher blogging challenge. Through that I became connected to other teachers and could learn from them.  I even began in a small way to use Twitter to follow other teachers and pick up ideas from them.

So what about you?  What are you proud of?

We now tag Ms Gray’s Class,  C-O Connections, Mr Miller’s Class, Tek2011 and Mr Carson”s Class.

The students I am tagging from our class are: Simone, Siabhaon and Daniel.

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About mistea

I teach a Year 5 class in New Zealand. I have been teaching for many years and thoroughly enjoy the children. Just recently I have started this blogto share, with parents and children, what we have been doing and learning in our class. At this point it is a simple one, but as myself and my class learn more it will grow I hope.

4 thoughts on “Proud of Myself Meme

  1. Miss T I think you are fantastic the way you have embraced your blog education, and then passed on your skills to your students. I know one student in particular that has benefited enormously from you. That makes me glow with pride – so thank you.

  2. Antonio’s Mum
    Thank you for the comment. Yes he was a quick learner! There is so much to learn out there and do! I want to do more, but sometimes the mundane daily chores have to come first!
    Miss T

  3. Miss T,

    Good on you for embracing blogging. I am always so excited when I see other people embracing technology and not being afraid to face “the beast” that it is. Your blog is busy and exciting and I’ve enjoyed having a look at all the great stuff you have on here. Keep it up!

  4. What a great accomplishment! and so similar to our class. We were beginning bloggers at the start of the year and have come so far. I am truly proud of my students and their hard work.

    Also, it is great to see other classes taking on similar learning and finding success. Hope you continue your learning journey in the world of blogging.

    Oh and in Canada when we play tag we allow touch backs. You are now IT! Come visit our class blog and take part in our Meme.

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