End of the Year 2014

This year sees Miss T retiring.  The blog will still be here, but it will be closed for further posts.  We farewell the Year 8 students, we have appreciated their presence in our school. We wish them the very best as they go to college.  Kia kaha.

Next year Miss H has plans to have a class blog with all the remaining students linked to it. I wish you all well, I anticipate that 2015 will be a year you all enjoy.

Lunch Time

How do we have lunch time at our school? We have two breaks, a half hour each. One at 11am and one at 1:10pm. The ten minutes before that is eating time. Unlike schools in many other countries, we bring a cut lunch to school. Again here is another video that students worked on before school ended but we never got to the final point of publishing and discussing the star and wish (what we like about the content and movie making and what we wish had been developed further/better.)

Recent Interesting Posts.

I have just been on a little journey reading some posts. I found a few that were really worth sharing, because they model what excellence in blogging is all about. Have a read.




As you know I have my own teacher blog, but this time here is a post from me, as a guest blogger of a teacher in USA.

Miss T

So, what are you going to be blogging about this week?

Classroom Wiki

We now have a class wiki as well as a blog. At the moment Teegan and I are working on it, and you will all be added too as we go along. It has a page for our social science topic for this term. We will add other pages as we see the need.

My New Life In New Zealand

ellas picture of nzElla's England mapHi, my name is Ella I have recently came to New Zealand. Before I came here I was in England. I have been to Halifax, Leeds, Bath, Corsham and Birmingham. (So I speak different to everyone else in the class.) I have never lived anywhere than England. I have made friends in St.Patrick’s like Emma, Miggy, Bea and Tessa. In New Zealand you do 10 lessons a day but in England it’s only 6. We don’t buy are school books because they come from the school. We also don’t walk straight into class. You have to line up in classes then the best goes in first. Also we don’t have packed lunch we have hot. Mondays we have pies, Tuesdays is pasta, Wednesdays there is a opption, gammon or chicken, Thursdays we don’t know and Fridays are fish and chips. Well I think thats it. So I’m sure I’m going to enjoy myself in New Zealand.


ABOUT ME (Siabhaon)!!!

Hi I  am Siabhaon. I am nine years old. I like reading colouring in and playing games.  My fave color is lime green. I was born on the 3rd of October 1999. i have two sisters and a mum. We have a cat (named Tui) and a budgie(named Nibbles). I LOVEEE chocolate my fave is Dairy milk and white and caramel and all of them. I play hokey because it is fun.  I was born in a farm house, I moved to Invercargill when I was 2 and then moved here.  I like dogs and cats and horses. Well bye. YUM CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!


About Stevie

Hi my name is Stevie, I’m 9.  I’ve  got two  cats, one of them  is  white  and  it is a baby  one  and  it  is  mine.    My birthday is March the 12.  I like to  do  swimming and have  a  sleep  over  and  we like  to  play  a  game, we play it at the  school.  On Friday  we   have  J   team and we  have  fun.   We  also  do cool   stuff together  and  her  name  is  Sonia.

  by  Stevie.

Welcome to Siabhaon

This term we welcome Siabhaon to our class.  Her name is of Gaelic origin and she was named by her Grandad, he chose the spelling too I think.  Her Mum told me there are a number of ways to spell the name. Our Siabhaon has a soft s sound at the beginning.